Question 42

Three travellers are sitting around a fire, and are about to eat a meal. One of them has 5 small loaves of bread, the second has 3 small loaves of bread. The third has no food, but has 8 coins. He offers to pay for some bread. They agree to share the 8 loaves equally among the three travellers, and the third traveller will pay 8 coins for his share of the 8 loaves. All loaves were the same size. The second traveller (who had 3 loaves) suggests that he will be paid 3 coins, and that the first traveller be paid 5 coins. The first traveller says that he should get more than 5 coins. How much should the first traveller get?


Suppose A, B and C have 5 pieces of bread, 3 pieces of bread and 8 coins respectively. Since in total there are 8 pieces of bread, each one should get around 2.66 bread. So A must give 2.33 part of his bread to C and B must give 0.33. Distributing the amount in the same ratio of bread contribution, A must get 7 coins and B must get 1 coin.

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