Question 87

In 2010, a library contained a total of 11500 books in two categories - fiction and nonfiction. In 2015, the library contained a total of 12760 books in these two categories. During this period, there was 10% increase in the fiction category while there was 12% increase in the non-fiction category. How many fiction books were in the library in 2015?


Let the number of fiction and non-fiction books in 2010 = 100a, 100b respectively

It is given that the total number of books in 2010 = 11500

100a+100b = 11500            -------Eq 1

The number of fiction and non-fiction books in 2015 = 110a, 112b respectively

110a+112b = 12760           -------Eq 2

On solving both the equations we get, b=55, a= 60

The number of fiction books in 2015 = 110*60=6600

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