CAT 2002 Question Paper

Question 30

A car rental agency has the following terms. If a car is rented for 5 hr or less, then, the charge is Rs. 60 per hour or Rs. 12 per kilometre whichever is more. On the other hand, if the car is rented for more than 5 hr, the charge is Rs. 50 per hour or Rs. 7.50 per kilometre whichever is more. Akil rented a car from this agency, drove it for 30 km and ended up playing Rs. 300. For how many hours did he rent the car?


Suppose Akil drove the car for less than 5 hrs. In this case, by distance basis, Rs 360 should be charged. This is not the case.

So he dove for more than 5 hrs. Cost comes more using time basis; which is Rs 300, i.e. he used the car for 6 hours.

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