Question 29

Amol was asked to calculate the arithmetic mean of 10 positive integers, each of which had 2 digits. By mistake, he interchanged the 2 digits, say a and b, in one of these 10 integers. As a result, his answer for the arithmetic mean was 1.8 more than what it should have been. Then |b - a| equals


Let the actual average be n. So, the new average is n + 1.8
Actual total = 10n
New total = 10n + 18

Let the number which was miswritten = ab(a is the tenth's digit and b is the units digit) = 10a+b

and reversed number ba = 10b+a

So, 10b + a - (10a + b) = 18
=> 9(b-a) = 18
=> b-a = 2

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