CAT 2006 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

A semi-circle is drawn with AB as its diameter. From C, a point on AB, a line perpendicular to AB is drawn meeting the circumference of the semi-circle at D. Given that AC = 2 cm and CD = 6 cm, the area of the semi-circle (in sq. cm) will be:

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Question 22

There are 6 tasks and 6 persons. Task 1 cannot be assigned either to person 1 or to person 2; task 2 must be assigned to either person 3 or person 4. Every person is to be assigned one task. In how many ways can the assignment be done?

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Question 23

The number of employees in Obelix Menhir Co. is a prime number and is less than 300. The ratio of the number of employees who are graduates and above, to that of employees who are not, can possibly be:

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Question 24

If $$log_y x = (a*log_z y) = (b*log_x z) = ab$$, then which of the following pairs of values for (a, b) is not possible?

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Question 25

An equilateral triangle DOC is drawn inside a square ABCD. What is the value of the angle AOB in degrees?

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In a Class X Board examination, ten papers are distributed over five Groups - PCB, Mathematics, Social Science, Vernacular and English. Each of the ten papers is evaluated out of 100. The final score of a student is calculated in the following manner. First, the Group Scores are obtained by averaging marks in the papers within the Group. The final score is the simple average of the Group Scores. The data for the top ten students are presented below. (Dipan's score in English Paper II has been intentionally removed in the table.)

Note: B or G against the name of a student respectively indicates whether the student is a boy or a girl.

Question 26

How much did Dipan get in English Paper II?

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Question 27

Students who obtained Group Scores of at least 95 in every group are eligible to apply for a prize. Among those who are eligible, the student obtaining the highest Group Score in Social Science Group is awarded this prize. The prize was awarded to:

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Question 28

Among the top ten students, how many boys scored at least 95 in at least one paper from each of the groups?

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Question 29

Each of the ten students was allowed to improve his/her score in exactly one paper of choice with the objective of maximizing his /her final score. Everyone scored 100 in the paper in which he or she chose to improve. After that, the topper among the ten students was:

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Question 30

Had Joseph, Agni, Pritam and Tirna each obtained Group Score of 100 in the Social Science Group,then their standing in decreasing order of final score would be;

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