CAT 2005 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

In the X-Y plane, the area of the region bounded by the graph of |x+y| + |x-y| = 4 is

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Question 22

In the following figure, the diameter of the circle is 3 cm. AB and MN are two diameters such that MN is perpendicular to AB. In addition, CG is perpendicular to AB such that AE:EB = 1:2, and DF is perpendicular to MN such that NL:LM = 1:2. The length of DH in cm is

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Question 23

Consider the triangle ABC shown in the following figure where BC = 12 cm, DB = 9 cm, CD = 6 and $$\angle{BCD} = \angle{BAC}$$

What is the ratio of the perimeter of the triangle ADC to that of the triangle BDC?

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Question 24

P, Q, S, and R are points on the circumference of a circle of radius r, such that PQR is an equilateral triangle and PS is a diameter of the circle. What is the perimeter of the quadrilateral PQSR?

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Question 25

Let S be a set of positive integers such that every element n of S satisfies the conditions

A. 1000 <= n <= 1200

B. every digit in n is odd

Then how many elements of S are divisible by 3?

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Question 26

Let $$x = \sqrt{4+\sqrt{4-\sqrt{4+\sqrt{4- \ to \ infinity}}}}$$. Then x equals

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Question 27

Let g(x) be a function such that g(x+1) + g(x-1) = g(x) for every real x. Then for what value of p is the relation g(x+p) = g(x) necessarily true for every real x?

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Question 28

A telecom service provider engages male and female operators for answering 1000 calls per day. A male operator can handle 40 calls per day whereas a female operator can handle 50 calls per day. The male and the female operators get a fixed wage of Rs. 250 and Rs. 300 per day respectively. In addition, a male operator gets Rs. 15 per call he answers and a female operator gets Rs. 10 per call she answers. To minimize the total cost, how many male operators should the service provider employ assuming he has to employ more than 7 of the 12 female operators available for the job?

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Question 29

Three Englishmen and three Frenchmen work for the same company. Each of them knows a secret not known to others. They need to exchange these secrets over person-to-person phone calls so that eventually each person knows all six secrets. None of the Frenchmen knows English, and only one Englishman knows French. What is the minimum number of phone calls needed for the above purpose?

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Question 30

A rectangular floor is fully covered with square tiles of identical size. The tiles on the edges are white and the tiles in the interior are red. The number of white tiles is the same as the number of red tiles. A possible value of the number of tiles along one edge of the floor is

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