CAT 1999


Each question is followed by two statements, A and B. Choose the option based on the given statements and questions

Question 161

How many among the four students A, B, C and D have passed the exam'?

A.The following is a true statement: A and B passed the exam.

B.The following is a false statement: At least one among C and D has passed the exam.

Question 162

What is the distance x between two cities A and B in integral number of Kms?

A.x satisfies the equation $$\log_2 x = \sqrt{x}$$ 

B. x less than or equal to 10 Kms

Question 163

Mr. Mendel grew one hundred flowering plants from black seeds and white seeds, each seed giving rise to one plant. A plant gives flowers of only one colour. From a black seed comes a plant giving red or blue flowers. From a white seed comes a plant giving red or white flowers. How many black seeds were used by Mr. Mendel?

A. The number of plants with white flowers was 10.

B. The number of plants with red flowers was 70.


The following table shows the top 20 busiest airports (in terms of passengers) in India. The Passengers column gives the number of passengers handled by each airport in a year.

Question 164

How many airports of type ‘1’ handle more than 35 lakh passengers each?

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Question 165

How many airports outside of AP handle more than 40 lakh passengers each?

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