CAT 1997 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

ABC is a three-digit number in which A > 0. The value of ABC is equal to the sum of the factorials of its three digits. What is the value of B?

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Question 62

The adjoining figure shows a set of concentric squares. If the diagonal of the innermost square is 2 units, and if the distance between the corresponding corners of any two successive squares is 1 unit, find the difference between the areas of the eighth and the seventh squares, counting from the innermost square.

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Question 63

A, B and C are defined as follows.

A=$$( 2.000004) \div ((2.000004)^2+ 4.000008)$$ ;

B = $$(3.000003) \div ((3.000003)^2+9.000009)$$

C= $$(4.000002) \div ((4.000002)^2 + 8.000004)$$

Which of the following is true about the values of the above three expressions?

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Question 64

The value of each of a set of coins varies as the square of its diameter, if its thickness remains constant, and it varies as the thickness, if the diameter remains constant. If the diameter of two coins are in the ratio 4 : 3, what should be the ratio of their thickness' be if the value of the first is four times that of the second?

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Question 65

In ABC, points P, Q and R are the mid-points of sides AB, BC and CA respectively. If area of ABC is 20 sq. units, find the area of PQR.

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Question 66

In a rectangle, the difference between the sum of the adjacent sides and the diagonal is half the length of the longer side. What is the ratio of the shorter to the longer side?

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The Weirdo Holiday Resort follows a particular system of holidays for its employees. People are given holidays on the days where the first letter of the day of the week is the same as the first letter of their names. All employees work at the same rate.

Question 67

Raja starts working on February 25(Sunday), 1996, and finishes the job on March 2, 1996. How much time would T and J take to finish the same job if both start on the same day as Raja?

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Question 68

Starting on February 25, 1996 (Sunday), if Raja had finished his job on April 2, 1996, when would T and S together likely to have completed the job, had they started on the same day as Raja?

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Boston is 4 hr ahead of Frankfurt and 2 hr behind India. X leaves Frankfurt at 6 p.m. on Friday and reaches Boston the next day. After waiting there for 2 hr, he leaves exactly at noon and reaches India at 1 a.m. On his return journey, he takes the same route as before, but halts at Boston for 1hr less than his previous halt there. He then proceeds to Frankfurt.

Question 69

If his journey, including stoppage, is covered at an average speed of 180 mph during the journey from Frankfurt to India, what is the distance between Frankfurt and India?

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Question 70

If X had started the return journey from India at 2.55 a.m. on the same day that he reached there, after how much time would he reach Frankfurt?

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