The Weirdo Holiday Resort follows a particular system of holidays for its employees. People are given holidays on the days where the first letter of the day of the week is the same as the first letter of their names. All employees work at the same rate.

Question 68

Starting on February 25, 1996 (Sunday), if Raja had finished his job on April 2, 1996, when would T and S together likely to have completed the job, had they started on the same day as Raja?


The number of days taken by Raja to complete the work is 5+31+2 = 38
So, cumulative number of days needed by T and S to complete the work is 38.

Both of them take two days off in a week as S takes of on Saturday and Sunday and T takes off on Tuesday and Thursday.

So, total number of man-working days per week by the duo is 10.
Hence, after three weeks, they finish 30 man working days.
i.e by end of 17th March 1996 (Sunday), 30 man working days are finished.

Both of them work on Monday,
S works on Tuesday
Both of them work on Wednesday
S works on Thursday
Both of them work on Friday and the remaining 8 man working days are also over.

Hence, the required date is 17+5 = 22 March 1996 (Friday)

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