Para Completion and Summary Questions for CAT Set-2

Para Completion and Summary Questions for CAT Set-3
Para Completion and Summary Questions for CAT Set-3

Para completion is the important topic in verbal ability and reading comprehension section of CAT. In recent exams, around 3 questions are asked form the summary questions topic.

Para Completion and Summary Questions for CAT Set-2:

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Each of these questions contains a sentence followed by four choices. Select from among these choices the one which most logically completes the idea contained in the given sentence.

Question 1:

Particularly today, when so many difficult and complex problems face the human species, the development of broad

A. and powerful shoulders is necessary.

B. plans of action are not possible.

C. moral values are required.

D. and powerful thinking is desperately needed.

Question 2:

In the European Community countries there has been talk of an energy tax to raise funds

by burdening the rich who can afford higher taxes.

 to penalise heavy users of energy.

by raising the price of energy-intensive implements.

to search for alternative sources of energy.

Question 3:

“Look before you leap”, reflects an attitude expressed in such a saying as

A. “Forewarned is forearmed”

B. “A stitch in time saves nine”

C. “No risk no gain”

D. “Fools rush where the angels fear to tread”

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Question 4:

This is the ancient kingdom of Sumeria and you are its venerated ruler. The fate of Sumeria’s economy and of your royal subjects

A. is written in their horoscopes.

B. is as unknown as the name of your kingdom.

C. is entirely in your hands.

D. is allocated according to their needs.

Question 5:

Furthermore, to be radical means to be ready and willing to break with the predominant cultural, political and social beliefs and values in order to

investigate the essential realities that they conceal.

B. investigate the root cause of malaise in a society.

C. shape a new economic order.

D. Re-construct the system in terms of new realities.

Question 6:

Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo, they are intent on shaping the future, rather than being shaped by it. As one Chief Executive once said

A. The future is the sum total of actions in the present and past..

B. If you are not alert, before you realize it the future is on you..

C. I do not want our competitors making decisions for us..

D. It is a sound business policy to anticipate change than being swamped by it..

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1) Answer (D)

To solve such difficult and complex problems, broad and powerful thining is needed. The only option which agrees with this is option D. Rest of the options are a bit in appropriate to the situation provided.

 Answer (D)

As the sentence in the question talks about energy tax to raise funds, it must be for some activity which will help them come out of the energy constraints. Thus, Option D is the best fit as the concluding part.

3) Answer (A)

The idiom “look before you leap means “to consider the possible consequences before committing to an action”. The idiom “forewarned is forearmed” means knowing possible difficulties and dangers earlier will give one a tactical advantage. Both these idioms have a common attitude that being prepared for a possible danger is to ones advantage. Thus, option A is the right choice.

4) Answer (C)

From the context we can infer that the speaker is talking to the King of Sumeria. As the King the duty to protect his subjects and ensure the economic prosperity of the kingdom will be the duty of the King. Thus, option C which reflects the same is the best choice among the options.

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5) Answer (D)

The sentence talks about breaking with the predominant cultural, political and social beliefs and values. In order to reconstruct something, the thing should first be broken. Thus, D logically follows the sentence.

Sentence A is incorrect as it is vague.
B is also incorrect as there is no talks of malaise in the society in the sentence.
C can also be eliminated for the same reason as B.

6) Answer (B)

The given sentence talks about how entrepreneurs are never satisfied and they are always looking for something more innovative to shape the future. The quote used by the executive should be in line with this idea. C is completely unrelated to this while A distorts the meaning. Among B and D, the former one is a better choice because D talks about the business aspects which is nowhere implied in the given sentence. Hence B is the correct answer.

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