Question 17

The passage given below is followed by four alternate summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the passage.

Tamsin Blanchard, curator of Fashion Open Studio, an initiative by a campaign group showcasing the work of ethical designers says, “We're all drawn to an exquisite piece of embroidery, a colourful textile or even a style of dressing that might have originated from another heritage. [But] this magpie mentality, where all of culture and history is up for grabs as 'inspiration', has accelerated since the proliferation of social media...Where once a fashion student might research the history and traditions of a particular item of clothing with care and respect, we now have a world where images are lifted from image libraries without a care for their cultural significance. It's easier than ever to steal a motif or a craft technique and transfer it on to a piece of clothing that is either mass produced or appears on a runway without credit or compensation to their original communities."


The main points of the paragraph are:

i) The copying of fashion ideas unique to particular cultures or heritages is rising in this age of social media.

ii) The original communities are not credited and compensated when their unique ideas are used.

Option A: This is a distorted option. It is generalizing that copying a fashion idea is tantamount to stealing(not specifying whether it is done with or without the consent of the original communities.).Thus, this is not the correct option.

Option B: Again, this is a very general and extreme option. Also, it is a distorted inference that the media has encouraged mass production. Thus, this is also not the correct option.

Option C: Since this includes both the main points, this is the correct option.

Option D: This is a distorted option and does not include the main ideas of the paragraph.

Thus, the correct option is C.

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