Question 18

The four sentences (labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4) below, when properly sequenced, would yield a coherent paragraph. Decide on the proper sequencing of the order of the sentences and key in the sequence of the four numbers as your answer:

1. If I wanted to sit indoors and read, or play Sonic the Hedgehog on a red-hot SegaMega Drive, I would often be made to feel guilty about not going outside to “enjoy it while it lasts”.
2. My mum, quite reasonably, wanted me and my sister out of the house, in the sun.
3. Tales of my mum’s idyllic-sounding childhood in the Sussex countryside, where trees were climbed by 8 am and streams navigated by lunchtime, were passed down to us like folklore.
4. To an introverted kid, that felt like a threat - and the feeling has stayed with me.

Correct Answer: 2314


A brief reading of sentences 1 and 4 tells us that they form a pair. In sentence 1, the author described how he/she was made to feel guilty about not going outside while staying Indoors. Statement 4 describes how it felt like a threat for an introverted kid. Thus, 1-4 is a  pair.
Now, out of sentences 2 and 3, 2 initiates the topic of discussion[how the author was impelled by her mother to go in the sun]. Statement 3 gives the information about the tales and folklore given to the author to impel. Thus, 2-3 is a pair.
1 is a direct follow-up to 3; hence, the correct order is 2-3-1-4.

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