Question 86

Arrange the four sentences so that all six together make a logical paragraph.
1. It doesn't take a highly esteemed medical expert to conclude that women handle pain better than men.
A. First the men would give birth, and then take six months to recover.
B. As for labour pains, the human species would become extinct if men had to give birth.
C. They do, however, make life hell for everyone else with their non-stop complaining about how bad they feel.
D. The men in my life, including my husband and my father, would not take a Tylenol for pain even if their lives depend on it.
6. And by the time they finish sharing their excruciating experience with their buddies, all reproduction would come to a halt.


C has to follow a sentence that makes it clear if men were being referred to or women. So, it can't be the first line. This rules out option C. Sentences A and B talk about reproduction and hence would be the last two sentences before 6. This rules out options A and D. So, B is the correct choice.

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