Question 87

Arrange the four sentences so that all six together make a logical paragraph.
1. A few years ago, hostility towards Japanese-Americans was so strong that I thought they were going to reopen the detention camps here in Kolkata.
A. Today Asians are a success story.
B. I cannot help making a comparison to the anti-Jewish sentiment in Nazi Germany when Jewish people were successful in business.

C. But do people applaud President Clinton for improving foreign trade with Asia?
D. Now, talk about the ‘Arkansas-Asia Connection’ is broadening that hatred to include all Asian- Americans.
6. No, blinded by jealousy, they complain that it is the Asian-Americans who are reaping the wealth.


C has to be the last sentence as 6 answers the question with a "no". D has to be the first sentence as it talks about Asian Americans as against Japanese Americans. Hence it is a continuation of 1. It also uses the term "now" as a contrast of "a few years ago" used in 1. A follows B as it used the word "today" as a contrast to Nazi Germany. Hence the correct option is A. 


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