Question 88

Arrange the four sentences so that all six together make a logical paragraph.
1. Michael Jackson, clearly no admirer of long engagements, got married abruptly for the second time in three years.
A. The latest wedding took place in a secret midnight ceremony in Sydney, Australia.
B. It is also the second marriage for the new missus, about whom little is known.
C. The wedding was attended by the groom's entourage and staff, according to Jackson's publicist.
D. The bride, 37-year-old Debbie Rowe, who is carrying Jackson's baby, wore white.
6. All that is known is that she is a nurse for Jackson's dermatologist.


B is the last sentence as the sentence 6 starts with  "All that is known" and B states that very little is known about her. D and B are mandatory pairs as both talk about bride. A is the starting sentence as it throws light on wedding ceremony. The correct sequence is 1ACDB6.

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