Question 85

What is the number of type-2 widgets produced, if the total number of widgets produced is 20,000? The company produces only two types of widgets.
I. If the production of type-1 widgets increases by 10% and that of type-2 decreases by 6%, the total production remains the same.
II. The ratio in which type-1 and type-2 widgets are produced is 2 : 1.


Considering 1st statement alone:
When total number of widgets is 20000
let's say share of type-1 = x
and share of type-2 = y
So x+y = 20000
and 1.1x+0.94y = 20000
Hence we can find value of x and y by statement 1 alone.
Now considering second statement alone;
$$x+y = 20000$$
$$\frac{x}{y} = \frac{2}{1}$$
Hence with second statement also, we can find value of x and y
So answer will be B.

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