There are 6 refineries, 7 depots and 9 districts. The refineries are BB, BC, BD, BE, BF and BG. The depots are AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF and AG. The districts are AAA, AAB, AAC, AAD, AAE, AAF, AAG, AAH, and AAI. Table A gives the cost of transporting one unit from refinery to depot. Table B gives the cost of transporting one unit from depot to a district.

Question 82

How many possible ways are there for sending petrol from any refinery to any district?


1 refinery can be selected among 7 in 7 ways, depots can be further selected in 6 ways and any district ca be selected in 9 different ways.

So, answer is 7*6*9 = 378

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