DIRECTIONS for the following three questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

The table below provides certain demographic details of 30 respondents who were part of a survey. The demographic characteristics are: gender, number of children, and age of respondents. The first number in each cell is the number of respondents in that group. The minimum and maximum age of respondents in each group is given in brackets. For example, there are five female respondents with no children and among these five, the youngest is 34 years old, while the oldest is 49.

Question 8

The percentage of respondents aged less than 40 years is at least


The number of people with age less than 40 are at least:

In no of children 0 category => 1 male and 1 female

In no of children 1 category => 1 male and 1 female

In no of children 2 category => 1 male and 1 female

In no of children 3 category => 2 male and 1 female

There are atleast 9 people who have age less than 40.

9 people out of 30 people => 30%

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