There are only four brands of entry level smartphones called Azra, Bysi, Cxqi, and Dipq in a country.
Details about their market share, unit selling price, and profitability (defined as the profit as a percentage of the revenue) for the year 2016 are given in the table below:

In 2017, sales volume of entry level smartphones grew by 40% as compared to that in 2016. Cxqi offered a 40% discount on its unit selling price in 2017, which resulted in a 15% increase in its market share. Each of the other three brands lost 5% market share. However, the profitability of Cxqi came down to half of its value in 2016. The unit selling prices of the other three brands and their profitability values remained the same in 2017 as they were in 2016.

Question 64

The brand that had the highest profit in 2016 is:


Let '100x' be the number of smartphones sold in year 2016. 

Total revenue generated by Azra = 40x*15000 = Rs. 600000x

Profitability is defined as the profit as a percentage of the revenue. Therefore, profit generated by Azra = $$\dfrac{10}{100}$$*600000x = Rs. 60000x

Total revenue generated by Bysi = 25x*20000 = Rs. 500000x

Profit generated by Bysi  = $$\dfrac{30}{100}$$*500000x = Rs. 150000x

Total revenue generated by Cxqi = 15x*30000 = Rs. 450000x

Profit generated by Cxqi  = $$\dfrac{40}{100}$$*450000x = Rs. 180000x

Total revenue generated by Dipq = 20x*25000 = Rs. 500000x

Profit generated by Dipq  = $$\dfrac{30}{100}$$*500000x = Rs. 150000x

We can see that profit generated by Cxqi is the highest among all four brands. Hence, option C is the correct answer. 

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