Question 62

A person buys tea of three different qualities at ₹ 800, ₹ 500, and ₹ 300 per kg, respectively, and the amounts bought are in the proportion 2 : 3 : 5. She mixes all the tea and sells one-sixth of the mixture at ₹ 700 per kg. The price, in INR per kg, at which she should sell the remaining tea, to make an overall profit of 50%, is


Considering the three kinds of tea are A, B, and C.

The price of kind A = Rs 800 per kg.

The price of kind B = Rs 500 per kg.

The price of kind C = Rs 300 per kg.

They were mixed in the ratio of 2 : 3: 5.

1/6 of the total mixture is sold for Rs 700 per kg.

Assuming the ratio of mixture to A = 12kg, B = 18kg, C =30 kg.

The total cost price is 800*12+500*18+300*30 = Rs 27600.

Selling 1/6 which is 10kg for Rs 700/kg the revenue earned is Rs 7000.

In order to have an overall profit of 50 percent on Rs 27600.

Thes selling price of the 60 kg is Rs 27600*1.5 = Rs 41400.

Hence he must sell the remaining 50 kg mixture for Rs 41400 - Rs 7000 = 34400.

Hence the price per kg is Rs 34400/50 = Rs 688

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