Question 58

Arvind travels from town A to town B, and Surbhi from town B to town A, both starting at the same time along the same route. After meeting each other, Arvind takes 6 hours to reach town B while Surbhi takes 24 hours to reach town A. If Arvind travelled at a speed of 54 km/h, then the distance, in km, between town A and town B is

Correct Answer: 972


Let us assume the speeds of Arvind and Surbhi are 'a' and 's', respectively.

Let us say they meet after 't' hours

=> Arvind travelled s*t distance in 6 hrs and Surbhi travelled a*t in 24 hrs

=> s*t = a*6 and a*t = s*24 => $$t^2=6\times\ 24$$ => t = 12

Given a = 54 => s*12 = 54*6 => s = 27.

=> Total distance between A and B is (s+a)*t = (54+27)*12 = 81*12 = 972 Kms.

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