Question 56

In a car race, car A beats car B by 45 km. car B beats car C by 50 km. and car A beats car C by 90 km. The distance (in km) over which the race has been conducted is


Now car A beats car B by 45km. Let the speed of car A be v(a) and speed of car B be v(b).

$$\frac{v\left(a\right)}{v\left(b\right)}=\frac{m}{m-45}$$ .....(1)where '"m" is the entire distance of the race track.

Moreover $$\frac{v\left(b\right)}{v\left(c\right)}=\frac{m}{m-50}$$.......(2)

and finally $$\frac{v\left(a\right)}{v\left(c\right)}=\frac{m}{m-90}$$......(3)

Multiplying (1) and (2) we get (3). $$\frac{m}{m-90}=\frac{m}{m-45}\left(\frac{m}{m-50}\right)$$

Solving we get m=450 which is the length of the entire race track

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