CAT 2022 Question Paper (Slot 3) Question 54

Question 54

Two cars travel from different locations at constant speeds. To meet each other after starting at the same time, they take 1.5 hours if they travel towards each other, but 10.5 hours if they travel in the same direction. If the speed of the slower car is 60 km/hr, then the distance traveled, in km, by the slower car when it meets the other car while traveling towards each other, is


Both the cars take 1.5 hrs to meet when they travel towards each other.

It is given, speed of slower car is 60 km/hr

Therefore, distance covered by slower car before they meet = 60*1.5 = 90 km

The answer is option B.

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Samyak Jain

5 months, 4 weeks ago

So much of unnecessary data..great logic by the way


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