CAT 2020 Slot 2 Question Paper Question 52

Question 52

John takes twice as much time as Jack to finish a job. Jack and Jim together take one-thirds of the time to finish the job than John takes working alone. Moreover, in order to finish the job, John takes three days more than that taken by three of them working together. In how many days will Jim finish the job working alone?

Correct Answer: 4


Let Jack take "t" days to complete the work, then John will take "2t" days to complete the work. So work done by Jack in one day is (1/t) and John is (1/2t) . 

Now let Jim take "m" days to complete the work. According to question, $$\frac{1}{t}+\frac{1}{m}=\frac{3}{2t}\ or\ \frac{1}{m}=\frac{1}{2t\ }or\ m=2t$$ Hence Jim takes "2t" time to complete the work.

Now let the three of them complete the work in "p" days. Hence John takes "p+3" days to complete the work.



or m=1. Hence JIm will take (1+3)=4 days to complete the work. Similarly John will also take 4 days to complete the work

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