CAT 2022 Question Paper (Slot 3) - Quant Question 5

Question 5

Suppose the medians BD and CE of a triangle ABC intersect at a point O. If area of triangle ABC is 108 sq. cm., then, the area of the triangle EOD, in sq. cm., is

Correct Answer: 9


Area of ABD : Area of BDC = 1:1

Therefore, area of ABD = 54

Area of ADE : Area of EDB = 1:1

Therefore, area of ADE = 27

O is the centroid and it divides the medians in the ratio of 2:1

Area of BEO : Area of EOD = 2:1

Area of EOD = 9

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Deep Sheth

3 months, 1 week ago

What a solution. Excellent teaching style Maruti sir. Hats off

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