CAT 2000 Question Paper Question 47

Question 47

The theory of games is suggested to some extent by parlour games such as chess and bridge. Friedman illustrates two distinct features of these games. First, in a parlour game played for money, if one wins the other (others) loses (lose). Second, these games are games involving a strategy. In a game of chess, while choosing what action is to be taken, a player tries to guess how his/her opponent will react to the various actions he or she might take. In contrast, the card-pastime, ‘patience’ or ‘solitaire’ is played only against chance.

Which one of the following can best be described as a “game”?


According to the passage, one opponent must lose in a game. In option A, no one loses.

Option D is irrelevant.

Option B does not involve strategies.

Only option C fits to be the answer.

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