Question 46

The Shveta-chattra or the “White Umbrella” was a symbol of sovereign political authority placed over the monarchy’s head at the time of the coronation. The ruler so inaugurated was regarded not as a temporal autocrat but as the instrument of protective and sheltering firmament of supreme law. The white umbrella symbol is of great antiquity and its varied use illustrates the ultimate common basis of non-theocratic nature of states in the Indian tradition. As such, the umbrella is found, although not necessarily a white one, over the head of Lord Ram, the Mohammedan sultans and Chatrapati Shivaji.
Which one of the following best summarises the above passage?


Sentences in options a) and c) do not capture the full essence of the paragraph. In b) it is said that the umbrella is the instrument of the supreme law, whereas, according to the paragraph, the ruler is the instrument of the supreme law. So, b) is also wrong. The best summary is the one in option d).

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