Question 34

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out.
1. The water that made up ancient lakes and perhaps an ocean was lost.
2. Particles from the Sun collided with molecules in the atmosphere, knocking them into space or giving them an electric charge that caused them to be swept away by the solar wind.
3. Most of the planet's remaining water is now frozen or buried, but clues over the past decade suggested that some liquid water, a presumed necessity for life, might survive in underground aquifers.
4. Data from NASA's MAVEN orbiter show that solar storms stripped away most of Mars's once-thick atmosphere.
5. A recent study reveals how Mars lost much of its early water, while another indicates that some liquid water remains.

Correct Answer: 1


On reading the sentences, we can infer that the paragraph is about how Mars lost most of its water.
Sentence 5 states that Mars has lost much of its water according to one study but some liquid water remains according to another. Therefore, the rest of the paragraph should explain about these 2 findings. 
Sentences 4 and 2 together substantiate the first study. They try to explain how a solar storm swept away Mar's water content. Both the sentences talk about the solar storm. Sentence 3 talks about the water that is remaining on the planet. 
Sentences 5423 can be put together into a coherent paragraph.

Therefore, sentence 1 is the odd one out.

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