Question 26

Shyam visited Ram during his brief vacation. In the mornings they both would go for yoga. In the evenings they would play tennis. To have more fun, they indulge only in one activity per day, i.e. either they went for yoga or played tennis each day. There were days when they were lazy and stayed home all day long. There were 24 mornings when they did nothing, 14 evenings when they stayed at home, and a total of 22 days when they did yoga or played tennis. For how many days Shyam stayed with Ram?


Let the number of total days=N
They played tennis for=N-14  days
They did yoga for =N-24 days

And the question says that total days when they did yoga or played tennis are 22

which means

N-14 + N-24 = 22

2N - 38 = 22

2N = 60

N = 30

Hence total days they stayed together were 30

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