Question 22

Once I had been to the post office to buy five-rupee, two-rupee and one-rupee stamps. I paid the clerk Rs. 20, and since he had no change, he gave me three more one-rupee stamps. If the number of stamps of each type that I had ordered initially was more than one, what was the total number of stamps that I had when I left the post office?


As shopkeeper gave 3 one-rupee change for 20 rs. change, Buyer must have ordered for a total of 17 rs. stamps.
Now buyer ordered for at least more than 1 stamp for each type
Hence the minimum he bought was:

2 stamp for 5 rupees = 10 rs.
2 stamp for 2 rupees = 4 rs.
2 stamp for 1 rupee = 2 rs.

For the total to be seventeen, the buyer must have purchased 3 one rupee stamps.  
And 3 one rupee stamps were also there as changes given by shopkeeper.
So total number of stamps = 2+2+(3+3) = 10

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