These questions are based on the table below presenting data on percentage population covered by drinking water and sanitation facilities in selected Asian countries.

Country A is said to dominate B or A > B if A has higher percentage in total coverage for both drinking water and sanitation facilities, and, B is said to be dominated by A, or B < A. A country is said to be on the coverage frontier if no other country dominates it. Similarly, a country is not on the coverage frontier if it is dominated by at least one other country. 

Question 153

These relate to the above table with the additional provison that the gap between the population coverages of ‘sanitation facilities’ and ‘drinking water facilities’ is a measure of disparity in coverage.

The country with the least disparity in coverage of urban sector is


The least disparity => The least difference between the coverage in urban drinking water facilities and the coverage in urban sanitation facilities.

Phillipines has a disparity of 92-88 = 4, which is the least.

Hence, option C is the answer.

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