CAT 2021 Slot 3 - Quant Question 10

Question 10

The cost of fencing a rectangular plot is ₹ 200 per ft along one side, and ₹ 100 per ft along the three other sides. If the area of the rectangular plot is 60000 sq. ft, then the lowest possible cost of fencing all four sides, in INR, is


Let us draw the rectangle.

Now, definitely, three sides should be fenced at Rs 100/ft, and one side should be fenced at Rs 200/ft.

In this question, we are going to assume that the L is greater than B.

Hence, the one side painted at Rs 200/ft should be B to minimise costs.

Hence, the total cost = 200B + 100B + 100L + 100L = 300B + 200L

Now, L x B = 60000

B = 60000/L

Hence, total cost = 300B + 200L = 18000000/L + 200L

To minimise this cost, we can use AM>=GM,

$$\frac{\frac{18000000}{L}+200L}{2}\ge\sqrt{\ \frac{18000000}{L}\times\ 200L}$$

$$\frac{18000000}{L}+200L\ge2\sqrt{\ 18000000\times\ 200}$$

$$\frac{18000000}{L}+200L\ge2\times\ 60000$$

Hence, minimum cost = Rs 120000.

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