XAT 2022 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

Kim’s wristwatch always shows the correct time, including ‘am’ and ‘pm’. Jim’s watch is identical to Kim’s watch in all aspects except its pace, which is slower than the pace of Kim’s watch. At 12 noon on January 1st, Jim sets his watch to the correct time, but an hour later, it shows 12:57 pm. At 12 noon on the next June 1st, Jim resets his watch to the correct time.

On how many instances between, and including 12 noon on the two dates mentioned, do Jim’s and Kim’s watches show the exact same time, including the ‘am’ and the ‘pm’?

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Question 72

Fatima found that the profit earned by the Bala dosa stall today is a three-digit number. She also noticed that the middle digit is half of the leftmost digit, while the rightmost digit is three times the middle digit. She then randomly interchanged the digits and obtained a different number. This number was more than the original number by 198.

What was the middle digit of the profit amount?

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Question 73

I have five 10-rupee notes, three 20-rupee notes, and two 50-rupee notes in my wallet.

If three notes were taken out randomly and simultaneously, what is the probability that at least 90 rupees were taken out?

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Question 74

The Madhura Fruits Company is packing four types of fruits into boxes. There are 126 oranges, 162 apples, 198 guavas and 306 pears. The fruits must be packed in such a way that a given box must have only one type of fruit and must contain the same number of fruit units as any other box.

What is the minimum number of boxes that must be used?

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Question 75

Consider the real-valued function $$f(x)=\frac{\log{(3x-7)}}{\sqrt{2x^{2}-7x+6}}$$ Find the domain of f(x).

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Question 76

Which of the following 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold medallists hassuccessfully contested the 2020 Bihar Legislative Assembly elections?

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Question 77

What is OSIRIS-REx?

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Question 78

Match the following UNSECO world heritage sites with the states to which they belong.


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Question 79

Which of the following politicians has served for the longest years consecutively, orotherwise, as the Chief Minister of any Indian state or Union Territory?

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Question 80

Who is the first Field Marshal of independent India?

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