XAT 2019 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Viacom18 is a popular entertainment network of India. Which of these channels does not belong to Viacom18?

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Question 92

Republic of Armenia is a UN member state but is not recognized by one of the UN member states. Identify the state.

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Question 93

The name of this dance and the name of the community that performs this dance is the same. It is a Rajasthani folk dance and the intricate dance movements mimic the movement of snakes. Which dance are we talking about?

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Question 94

Which of the following countries is the largest source of imports to India as on 31st March 2018?

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Question 95

Which of the following is a winter game which is very similar to Ice Hockey and is often considered as the national sport of Russia?

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Question 96

Which of the following liquids demonstrates a convex meniscus when confined within a glass tube?

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Question 97

Arrange these historical events in the order of their occurrence:

1. Introduction of Ryotwari System in India
2. Vernacular Press Act
3. Permanent settlement of Bengal
4. Introduction of Rowlatt Act

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Question 98

What is Article 356 of Indian Constitution?

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Question 99

Which are the three sessions of the Parliament of India?

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