XAT 2015 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Two diagonals of a parallelogram intersect each other at coordinates (17.5, 23.5). Two adjacent points of the parallelogram are (5.5, 7.5) and (13.5, 16). Find the lengths of the diagonals.

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Question 62

If $$f(x^2 - 1) = x^4 - 7x^2 + k_1$$ and $$f(x^3 - 2) = x^6 - 9x^3 +k_2$$ then the value of $$(k_2 - k_1)$$ is

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Question 63

In the beginning of the year 2004, a person invests some amount in a bank. In the beginning of 2007, the accumulated interest is Rs. 10,000 and in the beginning of 2010, the accumulated interest becomes Rs. 25,000. The interest rate is compounded annually and the annual interest rate is fixed. The principal amount is:

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Question 64

The tax rates for various income slabs are given below.

There are 15 persons working in an organization. Out of them, 3 to 5 persons are falling in each of the income slabs mentioned above. Which of the following is the correct tax range of the 15 persons? (E.g. If one is earning Rs. 2000, the tax would be:
500 √ó 0 + 1500 √ó0.05)

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Question 65

If a, b, c and d are four different positive integers selected from 1 to 25, then the highest possible value of ((a + b) + (c +d ))/((a + b) + (c - d)) would be:

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Question 66

An ascending series of numbers satisfies the following conditions:

i. When divided by 3, 4, 5 or 6, the numbers leave a remainder of 2.
Ii. When divided by 11, the numbers leave no remainder.

The 6th number in this series will be:

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Question 67

In an examination, two types of questions are asked: one mark questions and two marks questions. For each wrong answer, of one mark question, the deduction is 1/4 of a mark and for each wrong answer, of two marks question, the deduction is 1/3 of a mark.
Moreover, 1/2 of a mark is deducted for any unanswered question. The question paper has 10 one mark questions and 10 two marks questions. In the examination, students got all possible marks between 25 and 30 and every student had different marks. What would be the rank of a student, who scores a total of 27.5 marks?

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Question 68

For a positive integer x, define f(x) such that f(x + a) = f(a √ó x), where a is an integer and f(1) = 4. If the value of f(1003) = k, then the value of ‚Äėk‚Äô will be:

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Question 69

Devanand’s house is 50 km West of Pradeep’s house. On Sunday morning, at 10 a.m., they leave their respective houses.

Under which of the following scenarios, the minimum distance between the two would be 40 km?

Scenario I: Devanand walks East at a constant speed of 3 km per hour and Pradeep walks South at a constant speed of 4 km per hour.
Scenario II: Devanand walks South at a constant speed of 3 km per hour and Pradeep walks East at a constant speed of 4 km per hour.
Scenario III: Devanand walks West at a constant speed of 4 km per hour and Pradeep walks East at a constant speed of 3 km per hour.

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Question 70

The median of 11 different positive integers is 15 and seven of those 11 integers are 8, 12, 20, 6, 14, 22, and 13.

Statement I: The difference between the averages of four largest integers and four smallest integers is 13.25.
Statement II: The average of all the 11 integers is 16.

Which of the following statements would be sufficient to find the largest possible integer of these numbers?

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