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based on the following information.

From a group of 545 contenders, a party has to select a leader. Even after holding a series of meetings, the politicians and the general body failed to reach a consensus. It was then proposed that all 545 contenders be given a number from 1 to 545. Then they will be asked to stand on a podium in a circular arrangement, and counting would start from the contender numbered 1. The counting would be done in a clockwise fashion. The rule is that every alternate contender would be asked to step down as the counting continued, with the circle getting smaller and smaller, till only one person remains standing. Therefore the first person to be eliminated would be the contender numbered 2.

Question 81

Which position should a contender choose if he has to be the leader?

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Question 82

One of the contending politicians, Mr. Chanaya, was quite proficient in calculations and could correctly figure out the exact position. He was the last person remaining in the circle. Sensing foul play the politicians decided to repeat the game. However, this time, instead of removing every alternate person, they agreed on removing every 300th person from the circle. All other rules were kept intact. Mr. Chanaya did some quick calculations and found that for a group of 542 people the right position to become a leader would be 437. What is the right position for the
whole group of 545 as per the modified rule?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 83

Little Pika who is five and half years old has just learnt addition. However, he does not know how to carry. For example, he can add 14 and 5, but he does not know how to add 14 and 7. How many pairs of consecutive integers between 1000 and 2000 (both 1000 and 2000 included) can Little Pika add?

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Question 84

In the country of Twenty, there are exactly twenty cities, and there is exactly one direct road between any two cities. No two direct roads have an overlapping road segment. After the election dates are announced, candidates from their respective cities start visiting the other cities. Following are the rules that the election commission has laid down for the candidates:

Each candidate must visit each of the other cities exactly once.

Each candidate must use only the direct roads between two cities for going from one city to another.

The candidate must return to his own city at the end of the campaign.

No direct road between two cities would be used by more than one candidate.

The maximum possible number of candidates is

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Question 85

The micromanometer in a certain factory can measure the pressure inside the gas chamber from 1 unit to 999999 units. Lately this instrument has not been working properly. The problem with the instrument is that it always skips the digit 5 and moves directly from 4 to 6. What is the actual pressure inside the gas chamber if the micromanometer displays 003016?

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Question 86

Consider a square ABCD of side 60 cm. lt contains arcs BD and AC drawn with centres at A and D respectively. A circle is drawn such that it is tangent to side AB, and the arcs BD and AC. What is the radius of the circle?

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Question 87

There are 240 second year students in a B - School. The Finance area offers 3 electives in the second year. These are Financial Derivatives, Behavioural Finance, and Security Analysis. Four students have taken all the three electives, and 48 students have taken Financial Derivatives. There are twice as many students who study Financial Derivatives and Security Analysis but not Behavioural Finance, as those who study both Financial Derivatives and Behavioural Finance but not Security Analysis, and 4 times as many who study all the three. 124 students study Security Analysis. There are 59 students who could not muster courage to take up any of these subjects. The group of students who study both Financial Derivatives and Security Analysis but not Behavioural Finance, is exactly the same as the group made up of students who study both Behavioural Finance and Security Analysis. How many students study Behavioural Finance only?

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Question 88

ln a plane rectangular coordinate system, points L, M, N and O are represented by the coordinates (-5, 0), (1,-1), (0, 5), and (-1, 5) respectively. Consider a variable point P in the same plane. The minimum value of PL + PM + PN + PO is

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Question 89

Ln a bank the account numbers are all 8 digit numbers, and they all start with the digit 2. So, an account number can be represented as $$2x_1x_2x_3x_4x_5x_6x_7$$. An account number is considered to be a ‘magic’ number if $$x_{1}x_{2}x_{3}$$ is exactly the same as $$x_{4}x_{5}x_{6}$$ or $$x_{5}x_{6}x_{7}$$ or both. $$X_{i}$$ can take values from 0 to 9, but 2 followed by seven $$0_{s}$$ is not a valid account number. What is the maximum possible number of customers having a ‘magic’ account number?

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Question 90

In a list of 7 integers, one integer, denoted as x is unknown. The other six integers are 20, 4, 10, 4,8, and 4. If the mean, median, and mode of these seven integers are arranged in increasing order, they form an arithmetic progression. The sum of all possible values of x is

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