TS ICET 23rd May 2019 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 101

Three workers can individually complete a work in 7. 14 and 28 days respectively. If all the three work together the number of days needed to complete the same work is

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Question 102

The dimensions of a rectangular filed are 60 meters and 80 meters. Four cowsare tied at the four corners of the field with ropes of lengths 10, 12, 14 and 16 meters respectively. The area of the grass that cows could eat in sq meters is

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Question 103

The length of a roomis 5.5 meters and its width is 3.75 meters. Find the cost (in ‚āĻ) of paving the floorat the rate of ‚āĻ 800 per square meters.

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Question 104

What is the volume of a cube (in cu.cm) whosetotal surface area is 384 sq. cms?

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Question 105

A cylinder and a cone have the same height and the same radius of the base. The ratio of the volumes of the cone and cylinder is

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Question 106

The area of square field is $$8450 m^2$$. The time taken by a person to cross the field diagonally with a speed of 3 kmph.(in minutes) is

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Question 107

The perimeter of a semi-circle is 396 cm. Thenits diameter (in cm) 1s:

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Question 108

If the radius of a circle is increased by 10%, then the percent increase in its area is

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Question 109

$$\left\{x \epsilon R \mid \mid x - 3 \mid < 2 \wedge \mid x - 1 \mid < 5 \right\} =$$

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Question 110

If $$993 = r(mod 23)$$ and $$0 \leq r \leq 22$$. then $$r =$$

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