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In each of these question one question is given followed by data in three statements I,II and III. You have to study the question and the data in statements and decide the question can be answered with data in which of the statements and mark your answer accordingly.

Question 121

What is the rate of interest pcpa ?
I.The difference between the compound interest and simple interest earned in two years on the amount invested is rs 100.
II.The amount becomes rs 19,500 in three years on simple interest.
III.The simple interest accrued in two years on the same amount at the same rate of interest is 3,000.

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Question 122

What is the speed of the train in kmph ?
I.The train crosses an โ€˜Xโ€™ meter-long platform in โ€˜nโ€™ seconds.
II.The length of the train is โ€˜yโ€™ metres.
III.The train crosses a signal pole in โ€˜mโ€™ seconds

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Question 123

How many students passed in first class ?
I.85% of the students who appeared in examination have passed either in first class or in second class or in pass class
II.750 students have passed in second class
III.The number students who passed in pass class is 28% of those passed in second class

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Question 124

What is the amount invested in scheme โ€˜Bโ€™ ?
I.The amounts invested in scheme โ€˜Aโ€™ and โ€˜Bโ€™ are in the ratio of 2:3
II.The amount invested in scheme โ€˜Aโ€™ is 40% of the total amount invested
III.The amount invested in scheme โ€˜Aโ€™ is rs 45,000

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Question 125

What is the cost of flooring a rectangular hall?
I.The length of the rectangle is 6 metres.
II.The breadth of the rectangle is two-third of its length.
III.The cost of flooring the area of 100 $$cm^{2}$$ is rs 45

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Study the following graph carefully to answer these question .
per cent profit earned by two companies producing electronic goods over the years
% $$profit = \frac{profit Earned}{Total Investment}\times100$$

profit Earned=Total Income-Total Investment in the year


Question 126

If the profit earned in 2006 by Company B was rs 8,12,500 what was the total income of the company in that year ?

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Question 127

If the amount invested by the two companies in 2005 was equal what was the ratio of total income of the Company A to that of B in 2005 ?

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Question 128

If the total amount invested by the two companies in 2009 was rs 27 lakh while the amount invested by company B was 50% of the amount invested by company A what was the total profit earned by the two companies together ?

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Question 129

If the income of company A in 2007 and that in 2008 were equal and the amount invested in 2007 was rs 12 lakh what was the amount invested in 2008 ?

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Question 130

If the amount of profit earned by company A in 2006 was rs 10.15 lakh what was the total investment ?

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