In each of these question one question is given followed by data in three statements I,II and III. You have to study the question and the data in statements and decide the question can be answered with data in which of the statements and mark your answer accordingly.

Question 122

What is the speed of the train in kmph ?
I.The train crosses an ‘X’ meter-long platform in ‘n’ seconds.
II.The length of the train is ‘y’ metres.
III.The train crosses a signal pole in ‘m’ seconds


Here, there are four unknown variables namely length of platform (X), time required to cross the platfom (n), length of train (y) and time required to cross signal pole (m).

With given information we can only form 3 equations

The number of variables (4) is more than the equations (3) that can formed.

Hence, we can say that the data is insufficient for calculation.

Therefore, E is the correct option.

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