Study the following graph carefully to answer these question .
per cent profit earned by two companies producing electronic goods over the years
% $$profit = \frac{profit Earned}{Total Investment}\times100$$

profit Earned=Total Income-Total Investment in the year


Question 128

If the total amount invested by the two companies in 2009 was rs 27 lakh while the amount invested by company B was 50% of the amount invested by company A what was the total profit earned by the two companies together ?


From given information if A & B is amount invested by the companies, then A=2B

Hence, A=18, B=9.

Profit of A = 75% of 18lakhs = 13.5 lakhs

Profit of B = 80% of 9lakhs = 7.2 lakhs

Total profit earned = 20.7 lakhs

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