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Based on the information, answer the questions which follow:

In a department of a hospital, Amir, Sahil, Vaibhav and Gaurav are doctors and each of them has a duty from 9 am of Day 1 to 9 am of Day 2 for 24 hours in the same order oneafter the other. After each duty, the doctor gets an off for 3 days, including the day heis relieved from duty. For example,if Amir has a duty on Monday, his next duty will now fall on Friday and this rotation goes on.

Question 81

If on $$10^{th}$$ July 2020, Gaurav was on duty, who will be on duty on $$26^{th}$$ September 2020?

1. Amir
2. Sahil
3. Vaibhav
4. Gaurav

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Question 82

If on $$14^{th}$$ February 2020, Sahil was on duty, then who did the maximum number of duties in that month?

1. Amir
2. Sahil
3. Vaibhav
4. Gaurav

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Based on the information, answer the questions which follow:

In an ICU with a capacity of 8 patients, due to COVID-19, beds were arranged in circular pattern. Thus, now at a time 8 patients can be accommodated. As a basic measure, patients are administered with an IV fluid replacement which as per medical guidelines is 25-30 ml/kg per day. A senior doctor explained to a new intern the amountof IV fluid replacement for each patient but the intern mixes up the doses. From the information given below,help the intern to administer right doses to each patient.

1. On a given day, 4 married couples were admitted to the ICU namely, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H.
2. A, D, E and F are males and the rest are females. Males are married to females. Each patient was prescribed a replacement from among 25, 28 and 30 ml/kg not necessarily in the same order.
3. Any 2 couples do not have the same dose and are neither adjacent nor opposite to each other.
4. A, who was prescribed 30 ml/kg was opposite C while E who was prescribed 28 ml/kg was opposite G and E’s spouse wasprescribed 25 ml/kg.
5. H is married to F, while D who was not prescribed 25 ml/kg is not married to G.
6. B who was prescribed 30 ml/kg was to the immediate left of C and also to the immediate right of the spouse of C.
7. None of the 4 males receive IV replacement lower than 28 ml/kg while there is one male patient between B and their spouse.
8. A’s spouse receives a replacement of 28 ml/kg same as that of F’s spouse, who are next to each other.

Question 83

Who among the following is adjacent to A?

1. D
2. G
3. B
4. E

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Question 84

What is the transfusion amount for the spouse of D who weighs 80 kg?

1. 3600 ml
2. 2400 ml
3. 2500 ml
4. 2700 ml

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Question 85

The spouse of which person has an IV infusion of 25 ml/kg?
1. E
2. D
3. B
4. H

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Question 86

The transfusion amount is same for which of the following?

1. A weighing 80 kg and C weighing 70 kg
2. B weighing 50 kg and C weighing 60 kg
3. C weighing 80 kg and B weighing 60 kg
4. A weighing 50 kg and B weighing 40 kg

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 87

Abeer has 14 novels. Abeer’s friend Sanjay takes 3 of them and gives 2 novels to Abeer. Abeer donates 7 novels but buys 4. Joy takes 4 novels from Abeer and gives him 5. Abeer takes one novel from Sanjay and gives to Joy in exchange for 3 more. Abeer gives those 3 novels to Sanjay and he gives Abeer a novel and a magazine. Rahul takes the magazine which Sanjay gave to Abeer and gives Abeer a textbook. Abeer gives the text book to Joy in exchange for a novel. Rahul takes the novel from Sanjay, gives it to Joy for a magazine and gives Abeer the magazine for a novel. How many textbooks does Abeer have?
1. 0
2. 1
3. 2
4. 3

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Question 88

If ‘Ola bae mare’ means Girlis pretty, ‘sou ola may’ means Raj is handsome, ‘Sab rib may’ means All are handsome, ‘To joy bae’ means Mom was pretty. Then which word stands for Girl?
1. Mare
2. Ola
3. Bae
4. Joy

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Question 89

Five vegetables are placed in a row in a grocery store. Carrot is at the extreme left and adjacent to Cucumber. Tomato and Cucumber are not placed together. Onion and Capsicum are placed together but Onion is not next to Tomato. Which of the vegetables are at the extreme ends?

1. Carrot and Tomato
2. Carrot and Onion
3. Cucumber and Capsicum
4. Capsicum and Tomato

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Question 90

In an organization with 70 employees, 30 are females and 30 employees are married. 24 employees hold a graduation degree. 19 married employees are graduates of which 7 are males. 12 males are graduates while 15 males are married. How many unmarried graduate females are employed in the organization?
1. 3
2. 5
3. 0
4. 1

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