Based on the information, answer the questions which follow:

In a department of a hospital, Amir, Sahil, Vaibhav and Gaurav are doctors and each of them has a duty from 9 am of Day 1 to 9 am of Day 2 for 24 hours in the same order oneafter the other. After each duty, the doctor gets an off for 3 days, including the day heis relieved from duty. For example,if Amir has a duty on Monday, his next duty will now fall on Friday and this rotation goes on.

Question 82

If on $$14^{th}$$ February 2020, Sahil was on duty, then who did the maximum number of duties in that month?

1. Amir
2. Sahil
3. Vaibhav
4. Gaurav


If Sahil is on duty on 14th Feb, then Amir was on duty on 13th Feb and Gaurav was on duty on 12th Feb and so on. From this, we can deduce that starting from Feb 1, the order of duty is: Amir-Sahil-Vaibhav-Gaurav. 

From this we can see that everyone will have served for equal days till 28 Feb and then on 29th Feb (2020 being leap year), Amir will serve one more day and hence, Amir serves maximum time. 

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