Based on the information, answer the questions which follow:

In a department of a hospital, Amir, Sahil, Vaibhav and Gaurav are doctors and each of them has a duty from 9 am of Day 1 to 9 am of Day 2 for 24 hours in the same order oneafter the other. After each duty, the doctor gets an off for 3 days, including the day heis relieved from duty. For example,if Amir has a duty on Monday, his next duty will now fall on Friday and this rotation goes on.

Question 81

If on $$10^{th}$$ July 2020, Gaurav was on duty, who will be on duty on $$26^{th}$$ September 2020?

1. Amir
2. Sahil
3. Vaibhav
4. Gaurav


Number of days between 10th July to 26th September = 78
The cycle of doctors gets repeated every 4 days. 
Hence, Gaurav will be back on duty on 24th September (as it is 76 days from 10th July and 76 is a multiple of 4)
Hence, Sahil will be on duty on 26th September. 

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