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Answer the following questions with the given information and the data:

The table given below gives the Production, Consumption and Export details of 10 products of Timbuktu Island. All that is produced is either consumed orexported. If production of any product is falling short of consumption and exports taken together, then that product is imported. There are no Storage facilities in the island.

Question 71

For which of the following product codes, exports as a percentage of production, is highest in any year?

1. 107
2. 108
3. 103
4. 109

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Question 72

For how many products there were no imports in any year?

1. 0
2. 1
3. 2
4. 3

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Answer the following questions with the given information and the data:

ABC Ltd. supplies a health drink in various cities of India. The drink is available in two packs of 500 ml and 1000 ml. Samples are used for promotion of the product whereas the wastage can happen because of breakage, leakage etc. In 2018, the total of sales, samples distributed and wastage of the both pack sizes was 13380. The ratio of wastage to samples of packs of 500 ml and 1000 ml combined together, in all cities is 5:3.

Question 73

What is the number of 1000 ml packs sold in Lucknow city in 2018?
1. 220
2. 250
3. 300
4. 320

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Question 74

What is the percentage of units of both pack sizes wasted compared to distributed as samples in Chennai in 2018?

1. 125%
2. 139%
3: 141%
4. 41%

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Question 75

What is the number of units of both pack sizes distributed as samples in Jaipur city in 2018?

1. 198
2. 210
3. 223
4. 232

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Question 76

Which of the following cities has lowest wastage compared to total units sold in the year 2018?

1. Delhi
2. Jaipur
a. Kolkata
4. Lucknow

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Based on the information, answer the questions which follow:

100 families planned wedding on 21st December 2020 at 9 pm, an auspicious day and time in New Delhi and booked a marriage hall online in Chattarpur Farms. Due to a technical glitch the hall was booked simultaneously for 64 families who received a confirmation with a deposit of ₹ 1 Lakh each. The managementon identifying the glitch was troubled and contacted the families for a refund but the families were not ready to accommodate. The managementand the families then mutually agreed to have a toss in order to decide which family will be finally allotted the venue. Certain directions regarding holdingthe toss are as follows:

1. The families were allotted a number from 1 to 64 in alphabetical ascending order of their names.
2. It was further decided, Family 1 will have a toss with Family 64 andis considered as Toss 1. Toss 2 will be between Family 2 and Family 63 and Toss 3 between Family 3 and Family 62 and so on.
3. The winner of each toss moves to the next round and the winner of Toss 1 will now have a toss with winner of Toss 32, winner of Toss 2 with Toss 31 and so on.
4. The remaining rounds of toss are in ascending order i.e. winner of Toss 1 with Toss 2, winner of Toss 3 with Toss 4 and so till there is one winner.
5. It was also decided that if the final winner withdrawsand hands over the venue to the other finalist, the winner will be given ₹ 1.5 Lakh over and above the refund amount.

Question 77

If family 57 is in the finals, then which family in ascending order can propose to withdraw and take an amount of 1.5 Lakh along with the refund.

1. 35
2. 47
3. 39
4. 58

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Question 78

If family 51 won the toss, then with which family can they not have a toss in the finals?

1. 27
2. 24
3. 29
4. 37

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Question 79

From the following, which family in descending order can have the toss with Family 12 in finals?

1. 62
2. 60
3. 63
4. 61

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Question 80

If a toss was between family 9 and family 13, then one toss can be between

1. 25 and 44
2. 32 and 5
3. 23 and 46
4. 21 and 8

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