Based on the information, answer the questions which follow:

In an ICU with a capacity of 8 patients, due to COVID-19, beds were arranged in circular pattern. Thus, now at a time 8 patients can be accommodated. As a basic measure, patients are administered with an IV fluid replacement which as per medical guidelines is 25-30 ml/kg per day. A senior doctor explained to a new intern the amountof IV fluid replacement for each patient but the intern mixes up the doses. From the information given below,help the intern to administer right doses to each patient.

1. On a given day, 4 married couples were admitted to the ICU namely, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H.
2. A, D, E and F are males and the rest are females. Males are married to females. Each patient was prescribed a replacement from among 25, 28 and 30 ml/kg not necessarily in the same order.
3. Any 2 couples do not have the same dose and are neither adjacent nor opposite to each other.
4. A, who was prescribed 30 ml/kg was opposite C while E who was prescribed 28 ml/kg was opposite G and E’s spouse wasprescribed 25 ml/kg.
5. H is married to F, while D who was not prescribed 25 ml/kg is not married to G.
6. B who was prescribed 30 ml/kg was to the immediate left of C and also to the immediate right of the spouse of C.
7. None of the 4 males receive IV replacement lower than 28 ml/kg while there is one male patient between B and their spouse.
8. A’s spouse receives a replacement of 28 ml/kg same as that of F’s spouse, who are next to each other.

Question 84

What is the transfusion amount for the spouse of D who weighs 80 kg?

1. 3600 ml
2. 2400 ml
3. 2500 ml
4. 2700 ml


From statements 4 and 6, A is sitting opposite C, and B is seated to the left of C and the right of C’s spouse.

From statement 7, the person to the left of C’s spouse is B’s spouse.

From statement 8, the people sitting on the left of A could only be F, A’s spouse, and F’s spouse in that order.

Thus, the arrangement becomes as follows.

From statement 5, H is F’s spouse.

From statement 4, E is sitting opposite G. The only way to do this is if E is C’s spouse. Hence, G will be A’s spouse.

The only blank space is for B’s spouse, which will be filled by D.

Thus, the final arrangement becomes as given below.

Prescriptions of patients are as follows,

From statement 4, A = 30, E = 28, and C = 25

From statement 6, B = 30

From statement 7, D = 28/30 and F = 28/30

From statement 8, G = H = 2

D's spouse is B who has the transfusion of 30ml/kg.

Since the weight of B is given as 80kg, the total transfusion amount = 30 x 80 = 2400ml.

Hence, the answer is option B.

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