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Answer the questions with the given information and the data.

The figures given below show the amount of work distribution (in operational hours) for a toy manufacturing company having manufacturing plants in Chennai and Kanpur. Each plant carries out six activities. Planned operational cost per hour of Chennai and Kanpur plants are ₹ 250 and %₹300 respectively. However, the actual operational cost per hour is ₹ 270 in Chennai and ₹ 315 in Kanpur.

Cost Difference (in %)=Absolute ((Actual Cost —- Planned Cost) / Planned Cost) x 100

Question 71

Whichof following activities has maximum cost difference in Kanpur Plant ?

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Question 72

In how manyactivities plant in Chennai has higher planned operational hours as compared to plant in Kanpur ?

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Answer the questions with the given information and the data.

The following table gives number of T-Shirts sold (in thousand units) in Delhi and Mumbai. The T-Shirts are sold in different styles (S1, S2, S3, and S4) with different colours as shown in the table.

Question 73

The average sales of which colour T-Shirt sold is same in both the cities ?

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Question 74

Which style T-Shirt has highest difference in numberof units sold between twocities of Delhi and Mumbai?

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Question 75

If the profit margin of T-Shirts of various styles S1, $2, S3 and S4 are = 100, ¥ 100, ¥ 120 and & 120 respectively, then among the colour an city combinations given below, which combination has the maximum profit ?

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Question 76

From the combinations given below, which one has minimum difference in units sold across cities of Delhi and Mumbai ?

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Direction : Answer the questions based on the information provided.

In Gargi’s family there are 7 members A, B,C, D, E, F and G other than her consisting of Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Grandfather and Grandmother. They are Doctor, Professor, Director, Actor, Minister, Business Person and Artist by profession not necessarily in the same order. Gargi is a Manager of a leading restaurant and invites the family to her restaurant having round tables for seating to have dinner. The family members select a table for dinner while Gargi is on duty. Few other details are :

(a) The mother and father do not sit together.

(b) C is seated on the immediate left of Professor and A sits with B.

(c) The artist is either the sister or grandmother and sits to the immediate right of Father.

(d) The grandmother is seated on the immediate left of D who is an actor.

(e) G who is an artist sits with the Business person, F who is a female.

(f) E sits second to the left of Director.

(g) There is one family member between Grandmother and C who is a Director.

(h) Father is a doctor and sits between Professor and Sister.

(i) Brother is not a Professor and sits with Grandmother.

Question 77

How many minimum/least number of people are between the Business person and Professor ?

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Question 78

If B is a Doctor, then who is A ?

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Question 79

If C is the Uncle, then Professor is :

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Question 80

Who sits three places to the right of Mother ?

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