IIFT 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 101

According to latest UN International Migrant Stock 2019 report, which country is the leading country of origin of international migrants in 2019 ?

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Question 102

Scientist's plan to build an elevator between Earth and the Moonto cut down ontherocket fuel needed for a trip between the Earth and the Moonis known as:

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Question 103

Who is the co-founder of multi-brand sneaker store “Veg NonVeg” ?

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Question 104

Which of the following is not a recipient of Ramon Magsaysay Award ?

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Question 105

Which of the following country is not a member of BIMSTEC ?

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Question 106

With which of the following countries Afghanistan shares its border ?
(a) Turkmenistan
(b) Uzbekistan
(c) Tajikistan
(d) Iran
(e) Kyrgyztan
Select the correct option :

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Question 107

Name of which of the following shoe brandis derived from a ‘wild cat’ found in Americas ?

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Question 108

Match the festivals with the states in which they are celebrated :

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Question 109

The terms “Technical foul” and “Flagrant Foul” are most commonly associated with which of the following sport ?

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Question 110

Identify the name of ISRO Mission whoseobjective is to carry a three membercrew to low earth orbit and return them safely to a pre-defined destination on earth ?

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