IIFT 2016 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

In a local shop, as part of promotional measures, the shop owner sells three different varieties of soap, one at a loss of 13 percent, another at a profit of 23 percent and the third one at a loss of 26 percent. Assuming that the shop owner sells all three varieties of soap at the same price, the approximate percentage by which total cost price is lower or higher than the total selling price is

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Question 112

In the marketing management course of an MBA programme, you and your roommate can complete an assignment in 30 days. If you are twice as efficient as your roommate, the time required by each to complete the assignment individually is

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Question 113

Let PQRSTU be a regular hexagon. The ratio of the area of the triangle PRT to that of the hexagon PQRSTU is

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Question 114

290 students of MBA (International Business) in a reputed Business School have to study foreign language in Trimesters IV and V. Suppose the following information are given .
i. 120 students study Spanish
ii. 100 students study Mandarin
iii. At least 80 students, who study a foreign language, study neither Spanish nor Mandarin
Then the number of students who study Spanish but not Mandarin could be any number from

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Question 115

A right circular cylinder has a height of 15 and a radius of 7. A rectangular solid with a height of 12 and a square base, is placed in the cylinder such that each of the corners of the solid is tangent to the cylinder wall. Liquid is then poured into the cylinder such that it reaches the rim. The volume of the liquid is

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Question 116

A reputed paint company plans to award prizes to its top three salespersons, with the highest prize going to the top salesperson, the next highest prize to the next salesperson and a smaller prize to the third-ranking salesperson. If the company has 15 salespersons, how many different arrangements of winners are possible (Assume there are no ties)?

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Question 117

What is the sum of integers 54 through 196 inclusive?

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Question 118

The student mess committee of a reputed Engineering College has n members. Let P be the event that the Committee has students of both sexes and let Q be the event that there is at most one female student in the committee. Assuming that each committee member has probability 0.5 of being female, the value of n for which the events P and Q are independent is

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Question 119

A multi-storied office building has a total of 17 rows of parking spaces. There are 20 parking spaces in the first row and 21 parking spaces in the second row. In each subsequent row, there are 2 more parking spaces than in the previous row. The total number of parking spaces in the office building is

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Question 120

The highest number amongst $$\sqrt{2}, \sqrt[3]{3},$$ and $$\sqrt[4]{4}$$ is 

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