IIFT 2016 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 101

Which of the following is not an elected post in India?

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Question 102

Bitcoin is

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Question 103

Match the Bollywood Actors with their debut Hindi Film

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Question 104

The smallest integer x for which the inequality $$\frac{x-7}{x^2 + 5x-36}$$ > 0 is given by

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Question 105

A child, playing at the balcony of his multi-storied apartment, drops a ball from a height of 350 m. Each time the ball rebounds, it rises 4/5th of the height it has fallen through. The total distance travelled by the ball before it comes to rest is

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Question 106

Find the value of x which satisfies the following equation $$4log_7 (x - 8) = log_3 81$$

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Question 107

A playschool contains 4 boys and y girls. On every Wednesday during winter, five students, of which at least three are boys, go to Zoological Garden, a different group being sent every week. At the Zoological Garden, each boy in the group is given a ball. If the total number of balls distributed is 368, then the value of y is

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Question 108

Which of the following statements regarding arrangement of the word ‘RIYADH’ is/are true:
i. Two vowels can be arranged together in 120 ways
ii. Vowels do not occur together in 240 ways 

Which of the above statements are true?

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Question 109

Two farmers were cultivating wheat on their respective agricultural land in a village. Farmer A had an average production of 20 bushels from a hectare. Farmer B, who had 15 hectares of more land dedicated to wheat cultivation, had and output of 30 bushels of wheat from a hectare. If farmer B harvested 530 bushels of wheat more than farmer A, how many bushels of wheat did farmer A cultivate?

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Question 110

Shruti and Krishna left Delhi for Noida at the same time. While Shruti was driving her car, Krishna, an environmentalist by profession, was traveling on his bicycle. Having reached Noida, Shruti turned back and met Krishna an hour after they started. Krishna continued his journey to Noida after the meeting, while Shruti turned back and also headed for Noida. Having reached Noida, Shruti again turned back and met Krishna 30 minutes after their first meeting. The time taken by Krishna to cover the distance between Delhi and Noida is

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