Question 119

A multi-storied office building has a total of 17 rows of parking spaces. There are 20 parking spaces in the first row and 21 parking spaces in the second row. In each subsequent row, there are 2 more parking spaces than in the previous row. The total number of parking spaces in the office building is


                    $$R_{1}$$= 20 , $$R_{2}$$= 21 , $$R_{3}$$= 23 ...

                    Sum = 20+$$\underbrace{21+23+...upto 16 terms}$$

                    So apart from first term the above mentioned sum represents an Arithmetic Progression that has 16 terms.

                    Sum of A.P. = $$\frac{16}{2}[2(21)+(16-1)2]$$  = 576

                    So total number of parking spaces = 20+576 = 596

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